Facebook setzt Openbook unter Druck und erzwingt Namensänderung

Und wieder hat das Netz eine David-gegen-Goliath-Geschichte. Auf Druck von Facebook wird aus »Openbook« nun »Openspace«.

Auf Slack hat Openbook-Mastermind Joel heute seine Mitstreiter informiert:

So… we just got contacted by lawyers of Facebook in regards to the word »book« in our name.

Although our intention was to use it in the sense of an open book, (»something that is widely or fully known : a thing completely free from mystery or concealment«), we suspected they wouldn’t let this go and had thought about doing something about this for a long time already.

Almost a year ago, when I first told Phil Zimmermann ( @prz ) about the project, he suggested another name: Openspace.

We thought it was great, the name reflected what we wanted to create back then and what we want to create today, an honest, transparent and welcoming space on the internet, but as we had press coming out every day and our hands tied building up the Kickstarter campaign, we decided it was not viable to do it.

Times have changed and we now we find ourselves in a position where changing it seems to be the only way forward. We can’t afford (€) to go to court against FB.

Yes, we have all grown familiar with the name Openbook, it won’t be easy to see something other instead, but change can also be an opportunity for improvement, a new beginning, one where we break away from the stigma and expectations of FB, one where people are curious about the project, the why, what and how of it all.

I hope the situation and the measures taken are understandable.

Let’s cherish the past months as the beginning of something special made only possible by self-less individuals from more than 50 countries taking it on themselves to solve a pressing issue in our society, and look into the future with optimism over the opportunities this change can bring.

Ob »Openspace« wirklich das letzte Wort ist, warten wir mal gelassen ab. Könnte ja sein, dass dagegen auch noch jemand etwas hat. Dass Facebook opponiert, ist nicht wirklich überraschend. Sich mit Menlo Park anzulegen , brächte zwar zweifellos Imagepunkte, ansonsten aber gar nichts.

Laut Joel wurde die Domain openspace.social registriert.

Ansonsten ist das Projekt aus dem Alpha-Stadium immer noch nicht heraus. Intern spielen sich die gleichen Sachen ab, die andere Plattformen auch kennen. Admins nerven User. User attackieren Admins. Admins schmeißen entnervt hin.

Leave Facebook. Quit Instagram. Drop Whatsapp. NOW.

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