Zuckerberg and journalism

Zuckerberg does not understand journalism. Either that, or he doesn’t care.

Probably both.

Albeit he said one thing that even I can consider (partially) correct.

»I do think that in general, within a news organization, there is an opinion,« he said. »I do think that a lot of what you all do, is have an opinion and have a view.«

Nowadays there are way too much so called journalists that actually are activists.

In my view a journalist must not have any agenda. But this is not how things work nowadays. News outlets are more like multi-author blogs who brawl over attention – read: clicks. The more flashy the better. And this is not Facebook’s or Zuckerberg’s fault.

Despite this the unlimited power of Facebook – and its founder – is an even bigger problem.

Leave Facebook. Quit Instagram. Drop Whatsapp. Now.

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